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Car Key's

CALS - Cardiff Auto Locksmith Specialist are a soley based Cardiff company. We can offer up to 85% of all lost Car Key at the roadside. This means we hold  85% of Europes vehicles makes and models of Car Keys and Transponderrs on our van at all times. 

We can program keys in all lost keys situation to most of the vehicles on the road today and even program Mercedes Keys up to 2015 when you have lost your keys 

we provide an emergency service were we come to you.

we can fit locks and keys from the back of our van anyh hour any time.

immobilizer keys 

is an electronic security device unless a transponder key is present the cars engine will not run.

the key needs to be present at all times so the system can pick up on the device.

the key needs to be programmed to the car.

it is a more efficient way of keeping the vehicle safe when left.

what is does for you

  • an imobilizer was built as an anti theft system the vehicle wilol not run uynless the keys transporder is present
  • this works as an anti-theft 
  • this will reduce the rates of people trying to hot wire the vehicle 

Hand free keys

  • are electronic authorization systems
  • its an electronic lock that controls access to the vehicle

what it does for you 

  • these devices allow you to function the vehicle without physical contact 
  • having it with you is enough to start the vehicle 
  • smart entry is an electronic lock that doesnt require any physical contact from key-car

Flip keys 

  • used to automobiles original key with a flip system
  • a mechanisim to host all keyline tranponders 

Non-flip keys 

  • non remote functions on the key itself
  • some car keys will have remote fucntions depending on the year 

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